Workshop Leader's Guide (WLG)

This online guide is designed to help state Councils on Economic Education and university Centers for Economic Education to provide professional development for teachers so they can effectively use Risky Business in their classrooms. The materials here also are useful to teachers using the Risky Business video series and accompanying lessons.

Download Entire WLG
If you would like to download the individual components of the WLG, use the links below. If you would like to download all of the WLG documents (Word, PDF, and PowerPoint documents) as a zip file, use the following link:
Download Individual Components of WLG

Workshop Nuts and Bolts

The WLG includes strategies for recruiting teachers for workshops, sample workshop fliers, sample workshop agendas and an evaluation form.

Sample Agendas

The WLG has a sample agenda for a half-day workshop and for a one-day workshop. On this site you will be able to find everything you need to implement these agendas. Point and click on the lessons (in PDF format) and PowerPoints below to sample the materials.

Use the Risky Business Web Site in Your Workshop

You can use other materials on the Risky Business Web site in your workshop. You may also want to have participants check out links to the online calculators that illustrate compound interest and the online rate quotes that show effects of fast cars and bad driving records.

The Key to Better Workshops

Preparation is the key to better workshops. We hope that this workshop leader's guide helps you prepare to deliver top-quality workshops. Let us know your ideas for making it even better.

PowerPoint Presentations

There are seven PowerPoint presentations ready to download and use. They are:

Sample Lessons

Listed below are PDF files of the activities demonstrated in the half-day and one-day workshops. These are duplicates of the activities distributed on the DVD. The lessons are: